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used throughout the Hebrew Bible in the most natural English sense, whether referring to a house, a boat, or here—a woman. In Genesis 4:3 (TEV) we have the phrase: “And it came about, at an end of days.” This is translated “in the course of time” in both the NIV and the NRSV. Here the TEV explains These words are supplied for readability by the World English Bible translation. • Words present in the scroll but with some letters unreadable or missing are in blue like this: blue . One Hebrew word often is translated into multiple English words, and when this occurs, all the English words are in blue .

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Sitchin assumes "nephilim" comes from the Hebrew word "naphal" which usually means "to fall." He then forces the meaning "to come down" onto the word, creating his "to come down from above" translation. In the form we find it in the Hebrew Bible, if the word nephilim came from Hebrew naphal, it would not be spelled as we find it. The English reference translation, a masterpiece of English literature. the Tanakh, (Tan). The Hebrew Bible. The Apocrypha, (Apo). A set of books left out of some Bibles. Vulgate, (Vul). The Latin Bible used for centuries by the Catholic Church. The Septuagint, (Sep), the first Ancient Greek translation of the Tanach. Greek New Testament, (GNT).

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Ensure Word Info and its Lemma are selected; Click/Hover over a word in a reverse interlinear or Greek/Hebrew resource. Click the speaker icon to have Logos pronounce the word. In Bible Word Study. Enter a Greek or Hebrew word. Click the speaker icon to have Logos pronounce the word.

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How the Names "Adonai" and "Elohim" Are Translated in English As "Adonai" was and continues to be substituted for the actual Name of God in the Hebrew Scriptures, there is some confusion/disagreement among the different Bible translations as to when "LORD" (or "LORD", "GOD", or "GOD") means "" and when it means "Adonai". And.... since the name ...